Covestro Chats

This new, U.S.-based podcast series spotlights the initiatives, organizations and people that are inspiring innovation across our company, industry and local communities. Tune in as ‘Covestro Chats’ with the thought leaders and change makers that share our vision to make the world a brighter place.

Primary host: Haakan Jonsson, Chairman and President, Covestro LLC


Episode 1: David Morehouse / Rethinking the rink

What do you get when you combine a leading materials producer with a championship hockey team and a world-class university? A bold initiative to make hockey safer for players at all levels. In our inaugural episode, host Haakan Jonsson chats with David Morehouse, CEO of the Pittsburgh Penguins NHL team, about a unique collaboration to “rethink the rink” and drive safety innovation in hockey.

Episode 2: Solving Food Insecurity: A Chat with 412 Food Rescue and the Pittsburgh Regional Community Food Bank

When the pandemic hit, daily images of families waiting in long lines at food banks stunned the nation – and, mobilized food programs into action, forcing them to pivot to meet the new, unprecedented need. In Pittsburgh, two of the community’s food justice leaders were among those on the front lines, coping with the new realities. Join Rebecca Lucore, Head of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility at Covestro LLC, for a candid conversation with Leah Lizarondo, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of 412 Food Rescue, and Lisa Scales, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Pittsburgh Regional Food Bank, as they discuss food insecurity pre-, during and post-pandemic. Hear how their organizations have recalibrated and are coping today, the successes they’ve achieved, the challenges that still exist and much more in our second Covestro Chats podcast.

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    Covestro has joined with the Pittsburgh Penguins and Carnegie Mellon University to Rethink the Rink. Together, we explore new ways to advance safety innovation in hockey, teaming the bright minds at Carnegie Mellon with high-tech materials from Covestro and game-winning insight from the Penguins.

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